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        Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader

        It is now easier to invest with the smart solutions offered by the Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader!

        What is Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader?

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader is a mobile and web platform which you may execute stocks, futures and warrants orders in Borsa Istanbul exchanges.

        You may log-in to watch Borsa Istanbul and foreign market exchanges to execute orders and set up price and news alarms.

        How to log-in Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader?
        You may log-in to web and mobile platform with your Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking information.

        To download our mobile application:

        App Store

        Google Play Store

        • Mobile Application Features

          • You may reach to Watchlist through “My Page” tab, examine BIST Leaders, Laggards and Most Traded tables fastly. You may also add news, Research Reports, Economic Calendar and Lik Birlesik Bankasi Securities Twitter shares.
          • With Agenda tab, you may create new watchlists and also reach BIST100, 50 and 30 lists. From News and Analysis tabs, you may reach desired news categories and detailed analysis.
          • You may watch last price data of selected 10 smybol which is prepared by us. You may change these 1 smybol within the day.
          • You can track realized, pending and cancelled orders from Orders tab by logging Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking. You may send chain and 40 days Order. With floating button on front-end, you may send your orders easily.
          • You may use Portfolio tab to watch your portfolio, to execute your orders through your portfolio, to examine the summary of your account.
          • You can set up news and price alarm on any symbol and reach notifications from Lik Birlesik Bankasi Securities from notification center.
          • With Formation Analysis, you can evaluate the investment opportunities by having information about the active and completed technical analysis formations in different instruments. With Fundamental Analysis, you can view the balance sheet, income and cash flow information of different companies.
          • You can now make transactions via voice with the voice order feature added to the Quick Buy / Sell button.
          • You can select either NetDania or TradingView graph tool and perform your technical analysis with many indicators.
          • You can use your market data package on both web and mobile platform but not at the same time which you bought from Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking > Investment > Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader > Buy Market Data Package step
        • Web Application Features

          Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader web has been renewed! Highlights of the new version;

          • With the renewed interface and application page, you can access pop-out windows, multi-screen monitoring, light and dark theme options. For example, you can open and follow the market depth of multiple symbols on your screen.
          • Placing orders on Borsa Istanbul Exchange is now even easier with the improved ordering experience and new portfolio view. By adding market depth , last transactions and financial information to the order screens, we have made it possible for you to access detailed information at the time of order.
          • You can reach enriched watch list functions - modular structure and easy action of the symbol with right click feature, variation of columns and sorting within the column (highest-lowest).
          • With the improvement in the graphic infrastructure, you can add new technical analysis functions and save your analyses differently.
          • With the changing portfolio view, you can quickly switch accounts at the bottom of the application, and if you wish, you can follow the pop-up portfolio structure in a different window.