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        Financial Health

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi consultancy is good for your financial health.

        We all have different dreams, aims, challenges, and issues. Yet, no matter what we go through, achieving a solution all starts with our financial health.

        Financial health describes the state of financial well-being, that is, maintaining the balance of earning and spending, the ability to make smart financial decisions, and the state of being prepared for sudden expenses, regardless of the income level.
        Lik Birlesik Bankasi believes that living a "good" life in every sense means having good financial health. It, therefore, works to ensure that everyone can create a financially secure, free, and healthy lifestyle.

        What do we do to improve our customers financial health?

        When it comes to financial health, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Just as everyone's goals, difficulties, and opportunities are different, the methods of achieving and maintaining financial health should also be different.

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi monitors the financial health of its customers by using technology to create a unique roadmap for each customer together with the customer. It develops personal solutions by getting to know and understanding its customers.
        Lik Birlesik Bankasi provides advice to its customers to improve their financial health. However, this consultancy is not limited to the advice offered in the face of problems or for customers' dreams.

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi also aims for everyone to learn to monitor and analyze their own financial situation and make this a way of life. It thus provides consultancy that will make its customers competent in controlling their financial health.

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi considers the improvement of financial health not only a part of banking but also a social responsibility. It endeavors to ensure that financial health is understood at all levels of society for a better future.

        We offer the following tools and personal recommendations in our Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile application.

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        1. My Status Section

        The My Status section at the bottom menu on Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile provides features to enable our customers to be aware of their financial situation and manage their budgets more easily.

        From this section,

        • They can display their assets and debts.
        • They can monitor their earning and spending on a category basis.
        • They can check their possible future payments and plan their budget with the Cash Flow / Calendar option.
        • They can view the Financial Health Tips we specially prepare for them and take required actions that they can later track under the My Plans section (Spending alerts and Saving Target).
        • With Saving Plan, they can see how much they can save in certain spending categories and control their expenditures by planning their spending. We offer the Saving Plan to certain customers and strive to ensure that all our customers create a tailor-made plan for themselves.
        • They can start managing their budgets by planning their expenditures on a category basis.

        2. Earning/Spending Categories

        Our customers can determine the maximum monthly spending amount for different expense categories under the Earning/Spending section on the My Status menu and be informed via a notification when they reach the determined spending amount.
        They can track the categories for which they set spending alerts both from under the Plans area within the My Status section and the detail page of the relevant category, and thus manage their budgets.
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        3. Smart Transactions

        We aim to present our customers with the tools that ensure effortless personal finance management with our service under the Transactions - Smart Transactions menu on Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile.

        Our customers can easily manage their finances using the 4 different rules we provide. We aim to enrich our customers' experience by introducing new rules in the coming periods.

        • Pay Bill
        • Spend and Save
        • Regular Gold Saver
        • Regular Deposit Order

        *In an attempt to support the customer to monitor their expenditures, manage their debts, and build up savings, our bank provides customer-specific suggestions by introducing financial products and services and sharing tips to facilitate access to the relevant products and services.

        No advice targeting capital markets instruments is provided, and the information shared does not constitute investment advice.