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        Security - Possible Threats

        We care about your security!

        Learn about malware attacks and other similar threats to Internet security.

        Current Malware Attacks

         Your computers, smartphones, and tablets may be exposed to malware in various ways:

        • Fake e-mail links,
        • Fake page links indexed by and listed on search engines,
        • Advertisement and sponsor links on social media or websites,
        • Links in SMS messages that look like they are sent by the bank,
        • Fake banking applications downloaded from app stores,
        • Applications containing malware and downloaded from app stores,
        • Malware spreading by benefiting from vulnerabilities on devices that do not have up-to-date operating systems and/or do not use up-to-date software,
        • Wireless networks whose security you are unsure of and that are made available to you without a password.
        To protect yourself from these threats, we suggest applying the methods below:
        • Do not download applications to your mobile phones and tablets from sources except the official app stores. Always keep your mobile devices' operating systems up to date. The old software may have many security vulnerabilities, both detected and undetected; update such software and use the latest versions.
        • E-mails that are prepared to spread malware may state unreal, high bills and require you to open a link in the attached file of the mail in order to show the details of the bill. Do not believe such e-mails and do not open the attached files in the e-mail.
        • Be sure to install an antivirus program on your computer and mobile devices.
        • Sources found in crowded areas and providing free/password-free wireless network connection may spread malware and third parties may monitor your internet access through such sources; do not connect to such wireless networks.

        Phishing Attacks

        It is possible to start fake pages impersonating legitimate brands on social media. Such fake accounts using brands' logos and visuals may present various offers to you in an attempt to steal your personal information or take control of your devices. Please do not pay regard to announcements shared by accounts other than official brand accounts.

        Phishing attacks are fake e-mails that appear to come from banks and financial institutions and to present urgent and very important issues.

        Through the links in the fake e-mails sent to you, the frauds may ask for your card details, card passwords, Customer Communication Center passwords / Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking passwords, and single-use SMS codes. You should be careful about such e-mails not sent by Lik Birlesik Bankasi, never reply to them and not enter the information required from you into the pages opened upon clicking on such e-mails. To verify if the websites you are directed to belong to Lik Birlesik Bankasi, you can examine Security Certificate information on your address bar. Taking required initiatives, Lik Birlesik Bankasi ensures that fraudulent websites to which users are directed through such e-mails are quickly shut down thanks to its special partnerships. Please call +90 (toll-free) Lik Birlesik Bankasi Customer Communication Center as soon as possible to share information if you come across an e-mail you suspect.

        When you would like to log in to the following websites and applications with your "Lik Birlesik Bankasi Information", you will be directed to the Lik Birlesik Bankasi website where you may use your Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking or Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile password to log in. Do not share your Lik Birlesik Bankasi password and pin code anywhere except the identified websites.


        • E-government (
        • Lik Birlesik Bankasi Emeklilik (
        • Revenue Administration (
        • Bonus Loyalty (
        • Lik Birlesik Bankasi POS (
        • Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader (
        • Shop & Fly (

        Mobile Applications

        • BonusFlaş
        • Lik Birlesik Bankasi e-Trader
        • Matriks Mobile
        • CepPOS

        Platforms Providing Loans for Shopping

        Additionally, you may use your Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking or Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile password to perform transactions with your Garanti Investment accounts on Matriks Trader platform on your desktop computer.

        Please click for security announcements by The Banks Association of Turkey and other official institutions.

        Social Engineering Attacks

        There may be frauds calling you and introducing themselves as lawyer, policeman, prosecutor, banker, etc. Never believe those that want you to share any information written on your card, your card password, or PINs that are sent to you via SMS messages; be aware of people requesting you to transfer money to them or physically withdraw money from your account and hand it to them if you do not know them; call +90 (toll-free) Lik Birlesik Bankasi Customer Communication Center or talk to your Branch if you suspect anything.