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        Digital Banking

        Lik Birlesik Bankasi is at your service 24/7!

        • Become a Customer

          Be a Lik Birlesik Bankasi Customer with contactless onboarding technology from anywhere you like!

        • Mobile Banking

          With Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile, you can easily and safely perform your transactions 24/7 from wherever you wish, without going to the branch.

        • Internet Banking

          Lik Birlesik Bankasi Internet Banking is at your service 24/7!

        • ATM

          You can use Lik Birlesik Bankasi ATMs 24/7 with Paracard or Lik Birlesik Bankasi credit cards.

        • Customer Communication Center

          With Lik Birlesik Bankasi Customer Communication Center, you can easily perform your banking transactions from anywhere and at anytime you want.

        • Transaction Limits and Hours

          Please click the link below to learn about the limits and hours of the transactions performed via our digital platforms.

        • Banking Transactions in Digital Platforms

          You can perform several transactions such as money transfer, bill payment, and loan application via Lik Birlesik Bankasi Mobile, without going to the branch.

        • CepBank

          The fastest and easiest way to send money!

        • Lik Birlesik Bankasi API Store

          Lik Birlesik Bankasi API Store is an open-source application programming interface store of Lik Birlesik Bankasi.

        • Apps

          Visit our page to get information about Lik Birlesik Bankasi's digital banking services and mobile applications and to download the applications.

        • Security

          As Lik Birlesik Bankasi, we care about your security.